WEEK 0 The Master Key Experience

closetClosets have always fascinated me.  How much junk you can accumulate and push into the nicks and crannies.  There are the new things, the “treasured old” things, and the things you will never need again that are just taking up space.

Over the months, we will be exploring a closet of such that gets cluttered with age, experiences, and thoughts.

This closet is the one between our two ears, our mind! How do we clear out that which is not needed or is there any harm in keeping it cluttered? Those recurring thoughts, waves of shame, despair and disappointments along with the celebrations of life, love, and happiness that come with life.

The truth is, most people acknowledge that there are thoughts that threaten to shekel our brains keeping us in prison of living fully. So, the bigger question may be, what do I have to do to clear away those pesky thoughts and memories that are repeated often.

The answer may be revealed as you enjoy this blog of our journey with a course called the MASTER KEY EXPERIENCE.

Lesson learned:  Purges are beneficial but they take time