Learning to live a healthy lifestyle pt 2

Warm lemon water in the morning

My mom talked about my Grandma Parker drinking warm lemon water in the morning to reduce bags under the eyes.  Was she on to something way back then?

Rarely do I read any diet or lifestyle piece that this morning ritual isn’t mentioned.  How could squeezing a lemon in warm water have such a huge benefit for health that it crosses the threshold for most health plans?


  • Improves Overall Digestion
    • Drinking lemon water upon waking helps boost the function of your digestive system, reducing the acidity in your body and regulating pH levels.
    • Improves the function of the gastrointestinal tract and lets the food move faster through your body.
  • Loaded with numerous vitamins and nutrients
    • Lemon water gives you a boost of Vitamin C which is one of the essential nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy.

There are numerous other benefits but let’s keep this simple.  Who doesn’t want to have an optimal digestive system that can be aided with this drink?



Use filtered water that is warm

Cold water is a shock to the system, and it takes energy away from other body functions to bring the water to an acceptable temperature. Some have gone so far as to say it slows metabolism.

  • Be picky about your water. Tap water has been rumored to be a problem for some time and most municipalities acknowledge that “trace” amounts of pharmaceutical drugs are found in varying degrees and more testing is needed.  Why take a chance? Don’t believe me??? Try taking your child to the emergency room with an unidentifiable problem.  One of the top 10 questions asked in the ER (at least in my neck of the woods) is “Has the child had tap water in the last 24 hours?”.


  • Some say warmth in the blood vessels causes them to open up and expand. Think circulation.  Makes sense…think of what happens to you when you’re cold.


Fresh juice not from juice concentrate 

  • Citrus begins losing nutritional value after being cut open. Using  ½ lemon in 8 ounces of water, then place the other half in a baggie to use in cooking during the day or for the next day is ideal.
  • The seeds are a nuisance, so I am in love with this juicing utensil. It juices the half practically dry so no waste.



  • Lemons can be harmful to teeth enamel so either wash your mouth out with water afterwards or think about using a straw.
  • Those with high levels of iron in their blood should limit their intake, as lemon can increase your body’s ability to absorb iron. The flip side is not a caution but a plus…struggling with low iron? Add the lemon water for better absorption.

Lemons:  What to look for:

  • Finer bumpy peels have the most juice inside.
  • Larger lemons have the most sugar but have the highest mineral content.
  • The lemon should be totally yellow.
  • Thin-skinned, dense lemons yield the most juice.
  • Store your lemons in the refrigerator and toss out any that become soft or wrinkled.

Good digestion is key to the absorption of nutrients and waste removal from your body.  Simple healthy habits can help keep your body working for you.







Learning to live a healthy lifestyle

Learning to live a healthy lifestyle  

This seemingly simple task has never been more challenging.  The mounds of conflicting information coming at us are frustrating.  If it is as simple as eating more vegetables and getting the body moving, why are more than 50% of America adults overweight?

I have loathed the experience of poundage gained over the years. The resulting detriment to my health, self-esteem, energy, and motivation that accompanies the expansion creep and ensuing flab and discomfort is disheartening. Stressful events and jobs, menopause in its various stages, digestion changes and sleep issues are all factors supporting the gain.

Our closets speak volumes about this condition featuring garments that hide and conceal while non-contenders grow in number. All too familiar are the comfort waistbands or tummy tucking panels and flowy garment not for femininity but for hide and no seek affect.  Sometimes it is easier to stay home than to find something passable to wear. Thanks to Thomas Hancock, inventor of elastic, most of have something we can pull up and on that works. But many find themselves increasingly uncomfortable wearing flatting support to hide the secrets before the final layer is “applied” for a more presentable image. 

No wonder we quit living long before we die.

If you find yourself wanting to know what changes you can do that can start moving the needle to a healthier outcome, let’s do it together.  Getting into this state of health didn’t happen overnight and it is not going to disappear overnight.  It can be simple habits practiced with consistency that can have profound effects.

Let’s get started with two simple steps.

  1. Do not drink liquids with your meals.

Drink 20 minutes before you eat and/or 20 minutes after you eat.  Digestive enzymes break down the food so it can be utilized by the body.  Digestion begins in your mouth. When I say, “think about eating a delicious piece of fruit”, notice that your mouth begins to salivate.  Drinking liquids dilutes enzymes making the body work harder.  Think about energy being wasted on digestion that you can gain back!

  1. Slow down and Chew

It takes your body 20 minutes to realize you are full.  Properly chewed food takes about 30 chews requiring you to slow down.  Swallowing larger food chunks (speed eating) can cause us to overeat and sends the digestion process into overdrive.  The stomach works overtime producing more and more acid to break the food down.  Additional digestive enzymes are added to the mix to aid in the process.  By the time we reach our 40s, we have half the enzymes we have in our 20s. Ever wonder why we could eat onions and peppers most of our lives and now we can’t.  Now, you know why!  Studies have shown that just by the better chewing habit, you can lose 10 pounds in a year.


The goal that we seek with a healthier and more energetic life is attainable using some simple steps and discipline.  Let’s take this journey together one step at a time.