Don’t Allow Good Habits to Die

After investing 6 months in guided exercises and regular habits…simplified down to…understanding how important thoughts are and how the brain works, I have graduated and now am on my own.  There is a sense of freedom in creating how to spend any free hours in a day now that the routine of a class is over.

The question to ask is, “am I going to continue in those good habits that are purposeful or return to habits that don’t truly benefit me and others?”  What is the new beginning…The 30-day challenge is over, the dieting goal reached, the class over…now what?

Reiterated constantly during the class, the Master Keys Experience, was… “you will not make it without a mastermind”. Connecting with my masterminds daily had become the norm.  So, the first day out of the class routine, I reached out to my masterminds.  I find that my groups of masterminds (I have several for different purposes) are both friends and coaches.  A difficult balance to achieve and doable if the relationships are safe and the knowledge that all are in your best interest is felt.

With one mastermind partner, we talked about lessons learned and how best to power ahead.  With another mastermind partner, work was needed.  Not for her but for me.  I didn’t see it, ask for it, or anticipate the work that took place yesterday.  A truly great mastermind can see beneath the words, stories, and feelings and get to the crux of an issue.  What was my issue?  Forgiveness.

Unforgiveness causes a state that disrupts our creative intuition where genius lies.  Given my plethora of creative ideas and business possibilities brewing, you would have thought this couldn’t possibly be an issue.  But an invested partner saw beneath it all.  She talked to me like the big sister I never had. She guided me in an exercise that brought me to a startling place and tears.  I had not forgiven myself for the times I had let myself down, poor decisions made, opportunities and time squandered…totally burdened by the baggage I was holding on to in the name of being humble and realistic about who I really am.  The time it took to complete this talk which led to my realization, and final act of forgiveness was about 3 hours all in all…A 10-minute talk…then given time to process…A 10-minute talk…given time to come to a realization….A 15-minute talk…then shared experiences that only took this mastermind to a new level.

LESSON LEARNED:  Masterminds are priceless