WEEK 23 The Master Keys Experience

 Removal of the Cement Boots

Ridding yourself of the endless labels, expectations, seemingly failures, and self-sabotage that you have adopted over your lifetime can be dumped. This release is necessary to live the life you were meant to enjoy.  This purge is not something done at the snap of a finger.  Stigmas are woven into the very fiber of our lives. Finding that authentic you is a beautiful thing when you can finally say, I KNOW WHO I AM!

After 23 plus weeks of hours of hard work, most in the Master Keys Experience have reached the point of a clear mental picture of their authentic self…Who you are, your passion and your dreams. This journey described by many as a golden Buddha who has had a cement layer removed to reveal the true value.

How does the “new” you move forward once you have done the work?  The old you knew how to function whether in self-pity, victim mentality, low self-worth, dreamlessness, depressed, or just unfulfilled.  The new you steps into uncharted territory. What next?

Live out the new life, of course!  But there is where the next challenge lies.  Living out the old life was comfortable and stepping into the life of the new you, never has been done before.  Where does the old end and the new begin? The new begins with courage.  It is the courage to make the steps that are uncomfortable.  Not once but again and again until the new life becomes more enjoyable than the old.

There is not a final destination in this journey but a continual movement out of the ordinary into the extraordinary.  Here you find having mastermind partners to encourage you helpful…Here you find the work you have done to find your definite purpose in life stirring…Here you find having faith in God uplifting…Here you find sitting with yourself in silence powerful.

And in the end…

The only one that can take that final leap, kicking off those cement boots, is you.  Pieces of the heavy boots coming off here and there is encouraging.  A full removable is liberating.  Only you can complete the total unearthing of the authentic you.  Crack out the courage to smash the cement boots, march forward, and enjoy the excitement of the journey.

Lesson Learned:  These boots were made for walking


Author: mamapsclosets

I am a wife of 30 plus years, a mother of two wonderful children, and a creative teacher. Not a school teacher, but someone who loves to share her knowledge and skill. Whether teaching cooking, hospitality, Bible studies, networking marketing skills I have learned along the way, connecting and sharing is my way of life. My experiences of growing up in Mississippi, a 20-year investment career in NYC, a stint in California, and life now in Florida has enriched my life beyond measure.

10 thoughts on “WEEK 23 The Master Keys Experience”

  1. Love the analogy of cement boots. But not just the books, there have been times when my boots were stuck in mud…seemed impossible to move. In that state you couldn’t imagine silver sneakers running in a grassy field. Now you are ready to bound forward effortlessly chasing you dreams.

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