WEEK 22 The Master Keys Experience

How to turn off the world?

Dead silence for any period of time is not something I have done or would have welcomed.  Yet, this exercise was encouraged in the Master Keyes Experience.  Like most, I had every excuse under the son not to give this a try.  What exactly did it mean?  No phone, No TV, No computer, No interaction with any person, no music…no distractions.

You may be wondering, why on earth would anyone put themselves into silence?  The answer is simple.  If you spend time alone with yourself, you can determine what you are thinking. No outside influences putting ideas in your head or vying for your energy.  How are you really?  All the distractions pull you away of the awareness of you.

I had my plan set.  Fasted for 3 days and sandwiched in between was my 24 hours of silence.  Walking in nature was a key part of this quiet day.  As plans go, it poured rain.


DEAD SILENCE…So here it goes…After alerting key people in my life of my plan (which could be a blog in itself), I handed my phone over to my husband, stuck two earplugs of pink foam in my ears and headed to the living room where there would be no distractions. I relaxed and focused on my breathing.  Part of my thinking is what am I supposed to get out of this?

BACK TO REALITY and the outcome…True enjoyment!  This was the most surprising aspect of the day.  I am truly happy.  I am more confident in myself, my potential, and my purpose.  My direction in life is clear.  Things that I want to work on identified.  Yet, the most surprising outcome was a business that creatively came forth that nails my purpose and passion for life.  Clarity and focus are more directed than ever before and I have grown in the past 6 months beyond what I thought was possible.

Lesson Learn:  “Silence is deadly” is a fallacy.


Author: mamapsclosets

I am a wife of 30 plus years, a mother of two wonderful children, and a creative teacher. Not a school teacher, but someone who loves to share her knowledge and skill. Whether teaching cooking, hospitality, Bible studies, networking marketing skills I have learned along the way, connecting and sharing is my way of life. My experiences of growing up in Mississippi, a 20-year investment career in NYC, a stint in California, and life now in Florida has enriched my life beyond measure.

8 thoughts on “WEEK 22 The Master Keys Experience”

    1. I suggest you not focus on large blocks of time to do this exercise. Just carve out a smaller amount of time at first to get your feet wet. Waiting on the large block of time give us excuses not to dive in. You will feel the benefits whether long or short. After doing this exercise once, I plan to make it a habit every couple of months. I was not sure what to expect. What was beneficial to me was the clarity I got in what I needed to focus on. It took a while to settle in, so don’t be hard on yourself, just ease into the silence!


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