Week 19 The Master Keys Experience

…. Clink

When you hear something hit the ground, there is a sound that sparks your attention and curiosity takes over.  What was that?

Finding Joe, a movie about a golden Buddha covered with cement by a group of monks to keep invaders from recognizing its value reveals this phenomenon perfectly. Many years after the invasion, a monk sitting by the cemented Buddha noticed a small piece of rock on the ground. Curiosity caused him to take notice and see a small glimmer of gold, revealing the truth about the statue.  It was golden.

Many of us were drawn to the MKE because we knew that there was something missing and we wanted more out of our lives.  Seeing the very first small chink in our armor, revealing hidden value, had us wanting more.

Digging deep and turning down the “noise” allowed us to figure out what needed to be pruned from the core.  This is not like tearing into a present but a painful and/or emotional removal of what was not serving the purpose of our emerging soul.

Time-consuming with fits and starts, breaking out of the mold for some comes quicker.  What determines the length of this process? Is it about awareness or age, technique or tools?  Who has the answer, and does it matter?  Whether you are the tortoise or the hare, crossing this thresh hold, is critical.

If you have arrived at this place, it feels great.  The value meter for self-worth has risen.  The appearance of true authenticity shines through.


Laid bare of our baggage with a well written Definite major purpose in hand, are you ready, or am I???

Your dreams await!! Hesitating?  Is it fear or excitement? All I know is it is electric!

The task at hand…Courage to accept my power and move deeper into that hero’s journey, slap the girl in the glass a high five, and strike a victory pose.

Lesson Learn: The sound of breaking cement is beautiful.

Author: mamapsclosets

I am a wife of 30 plus years, a mother of two wonderful children, and a creative teacher. Not a school teacher, but someone who loves to share her knowledge and skill. Whether teaching cooking, hospitality, Bible studies, networking marketing skills I have learned along the way, connecting and sharing is my way of life. My experiences of growing up in Mississippi, a 20-year investment career in NYC, a stint in California, and life now in Florida has enriched my life beyond measure.

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