WEEK 21 Master Keys Experience

Happiness calling!

Is it possible to live in a state of happiness?  Isn’t that Pollyannaish?  Wouldn’t you have to have your head in the sand oblivious to the world around you?  If you could move into a happier state of mind, would you be willing to do what it takes?

On this MKE journey, we have been given tools to help bring on a state of happiness.  Below are the regular steps I took to improve my happiness.

Turn off the news…This has been the most drastic step I took on this journey.  Never realizing how much emotion was stirred up watching the news, the painful weaning off this addictive activity was a change I made cold turkey.

Just smile…There are so many beautiful things happening around us that are worthy of a smile.  Scientists say that just smiling confuses our subconscious into believing we are happy even when we aren’t and helps you learn better.

Knowing your purpose in life…Taking the amount of time it takes to understand what you really want out of life is so valuable.  Moving closer daily brings on, ”I’ve got this”, happy emotion.

Reading the obituaries…Daily obituaries readings brought awareness to the fact that any one of those people would love to take my place, my problems and to have more time with ones.  Happily handling problems and loving up on my family and friends has been such a blessing.

Move…Exercise brings on those endorphins that are always a pleasure. Seeing nature on my walks or sweating out the toxins has improved my outlook and body.

Keep your promises to yourself…Each week I have written down 2 tasks/services and have accomplished them which keeps away a feeling of ignominious.  Might as well be a disease but knowing you keep your promises to yourself is powerful and keeps you “disease” free.

Direct emotions…This was a biggie for me.  Do not attach emotions to things that are out of your control. Now, I say a little prayer and give it to “SOMEONE” else to issue assistance.

Having the knowledge of how to bring on happiness in one’s life is truly valuable.  Give it a try and see if you don’t feel the edges of your lips turning up a little more.

Lesson Learned:  Knowing how to be happy and doing it are two different things!

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WEEK 20 Master Keys Experience

Uneasy Street

A comfort zone can be so appealing. That familiar place where you feel at ease.  No stressors, no pressures, no issues. It’s the easy chair in front of the TV, the job you do with your eyes shut, and autopilot daily motions with little thought to execution. For some, it spells perfection with no yearning for growth.



Another place many find themselves is with a burning desire for something extraordinary.  Let’s call it Uneasy Street, where dreams are not a fleeting thought.  What is the best method to initiate and master this exciting journey? JUMP IN???

This precipice is where many find themselves stuck.

…Yet, I have news for you.  You may not be stuck.

A concept was brought up this week in the Master Keys webinar.  Instead of jumping into the unknown, what about a continual stretching of the outer limits of the comfort zone?

And then it hit me…For many months, members of the MKE class have been writing down each week a service(task) for themselves and one service (task) that moves the goals in our Definite Major Purpose (to be accomplished during the week). Once accomplished, mark completed. No ignominious conditions in this group.

Little by little, we have pushed the outer edge of our comfort zone, feeling a bit unsettled and yet not so pained to have us recoiling in fear.  Have you made the connection yet? The comfort zone has already expanded.  You are on your way!!!

Guided in such a beautiful manner that it seemed effortless. A little stretch here, a little stretch there…



Lesson Learned: Stretching onto “uneasy” street isn’t painful.




Week 19 The Master Keys Experience

…. Clink

When you hear something hit the ground, there is a sound that sparks your attention and curiosity takes over.  What was that?

Finding Joe, a movie about a golden Buddha covered with cement by a group of monks to keep invaders from recognizing its value reveals this phenomenon perfectly. Many years after the invasion, a monk sitting by the cemented Buddha noticed a small piece of rock on the ground. Curiosity caused him to take notice and see a small glimmer of gold, revealing the truth about the statue.  It was golden.

Many of us were drawn to the MKE because we knew that there was something missing and we wanted more out of our lives.  Seeing the very first small chink in our armor, revealing hidden value, had us wanting more.

Digging deep and turning down the “noise” allowed us to figure out what needed to be pruned from the core.  This is not like tearing into a present but a painful and/or emotional removal of what was not serving the purpose of our emerging soul.

Time-consuming with fits and starts, breaking out of the mold for some comes quicker.  What determines the length of this process? Is it about awareness or age, technique or tools?  Who has the answer, and does it matter?  Whether you are the tortoise or the hare, crossing this thresh hold, is critical.

If you have arrived at this place, it feels great.  The value meter for self-worth has risen.  The appearance of true authenticity shines through.


Laid bare of our baggage with a well written Definite major purpose in hand, are you ready, or am I???

Your dreams await!! Hesitating?  Is it fear or excitement? All I know is it is electric!

The task at hand…Courage to accept my power and move deeper into that hero’s journey, slap the girl in the glass a high five, and strike a victory pose.

Lesson Learn: The sound of breaking cement is beautiful.

WEEK 18 The Master Keys Experience

Paying the Price

Early reads in MKE brought about some questioning. Is this a Godly way to think or direction to take?  I was facing material that didn’t gel with my current views and the temptation was to take a road less challenged.

I finally made a firm decision to march forward into this uncharted territory and take it to the end.   So where am I in this journey so far with eight weeks to go?   I am in a state of the deepest spiritual growth I have ever experienced. There have been days of complete jubilation and days of tears.

Hebrews 12:1 says “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run the race marked out for us.”

For weeks now, I have been focused on finding, being aware, and turning from my old blueprint.  I probably drove my mastermind absolutely crazy, but I was determined.  It was my key to forward movement.  It was the anchor that held me back from launching.

I struggled to try to find it, begged others for help to see it, and was tormented that it wasn’t obvious to me.

And then it happened…

Slowly at first and then a flood of realization of what the blueprint of my life looked like.   It was not a pretty picture but just perhaps, I had grown to a place where I could see the ugly realities.  I was relieved and crushed at the same time.  The sin that “entangled me” was not the type that lived on my sleeve but those deep demons of thoughts on the inside.

If you are reading this and saying to yourself, tell me how I find it!  I wish I had all the answers.  But this I can tell you… You will not find it in the busyness of life.  You find it by opening yourself in the quiet morning sits, or the hour of dedication at night.  It will come to each of us at different times, in different ways, but only if you are ready to receive it.

Picture an onion’s layers being peeled back one by one.  Each layer that was revealed leading to another layer.  As I was prepared to receive the answer, they came.  The conscious mind told me I was good, had made great strides, and was growing yet for some gnawing reason, I knew better.  Quieting the soul and preparing to hear the subconscious mind’s wisdom is where the magic happened.  I would wake up after a night’s sleep and a realization would appear.

As I experience each piece of the blueprint map, I was able to trace it back to an event, an environment, a comment that labeled, a disappointment, and the list goes on.  There is probably more to the blueprint than I have now, but I have enough of a picture and understanding to say to myself “I LOVE YOU, Pam Plager” and we have some work to do.  A clear picture of the race is marked out for me and I am ready, willing and able.

LESSON LEARN:  You will find your answers when you are ready to receive them.


WEEK 17 HJ The Master Keys Experience


Recognizing my old blueprint when it rears its head has become my focus. If I could see it, I could nip it in the bud and this journey would become easier.  What does the old blueprint actually look like and how can I recognize it when I am in it instead of the new blueprint that I have created for myself?

How many times do I start the day’s journey in my new blueprint only to “get back in my head” justifying behavior based on the old blueprint and never even realizing I have taken a U-turn?

I have found that there is language that we consciously use that can set off an alarm that the old blueprint is back in play.

It simply has to do with using the word BUT.

Subby cannot resist the sound of your voice.  We typically use “but” to justify our behavior reversing our forward movement and back peddling to our old blueprint…Subby hears it all and filters nothing.

Look at the following statement with this in mind….

”This is what I want you to believe” BUT “this is what I really believe”

the diet_ i know i shouldn_t have eaten the chocolate cake today (what i want you to believe) but but it really has been a tough week (justifying action) relationship_ i

If you are skeptical, I say give it a try.  It is a pretty amazing exercise.

My mastermind partner who deals with clients has keyed into this gem and started to focus on the conversations of her clients when they use the word “but”, listening to the words that follow.  It has clarified to her what they are really thinking or what they really want. A game changer.

Just being aware of using this word can cause a trigger that will help you with changing and growing.

Changing the word but with “and”, “periods” and  “pauses” lets subby hear your feelings not your excuses. Using the word but creates internal frustrations or scattered thoughts which are counterproductive when clarity of purpose is critical to reaching your purpose in life.

Lesson Learned:  Be aware of using the word “but” and its effect.

WEEK 17 The Master Keys Experience

Observation and Opportunity

Marrying the weekly Master Keys Experience with my life has been an eye-opening experience.  The exercises of being observant and aware of others around me, their behavior and mine have been put under “my” microscope.  I am amazed at how much beauty I was missing in the course of a day living a busy autopilot existence with things only receiving my attention if they disrupted my day’s journey.

When did stopping to smell the roses become not appealing? Smiling at a small child and their mother? Making eye contact in passing an elderly person?  Beginning to live differently in direction and intention produces changes in behavior that bring such joy.

The guidance through this journey has helped me to incorporate small changes that are producing compounding effects.  These activities to develop change are not newly developed tasks but are seasoned exercises that have demonstrated effectiveness through devotees over many decades.

For three weeks, the class has been working on the Ben Franklin makeover…focusing on a different characteristic each week.  This exercise was used by… you guessed it…Ben Franklin (documented in his autobiography). Put on your bifocals and take a look at the contributions his life gave us!


The characteristics like courage, kindness, and self-control can be developed and grown.  By taking one characteristic a week and searching for it everywhere in nature, people and yes even in ourselves helps solidify in our minds what it looks like displayed in one’s life.  The kicker is you wouldn’t be able to identify this in others if you didn’t have it yourself.  The seed is already there.  It is up to you to develop it further.

In The Greatest Salesman in the World, scroll 4, Og states that we are natures greatest miracle…That no one has our mind, our heart, our eyes, our ears, our hands, our hair, our mouth…That indeed makes us a miracle because of our uniqueness.  In addition, Og points out “but my skills, my mind, my heart, and my body will stagnate, rot, and die lest I put them to good use.

We each have unlimited potential for growth and change. We are unique and powerful. Directed with the sound advice of Emmerson’s give more get more, our lives can be joyful and full of satisfaction while having an overflowing of blessing to others.   Let not the miracle die with just our birth but produce a life worthy of our calling.

Lesson Learned:  Awareness is critical for dynamic change.






WEEK 16 The Master Keys Experience

Confessions of a fearful writer

I have had a love-hate relationship with people that wax eloquently on paper.   A serious jealous streak would rise when enjoying that type of talent in others.  Struggling with wording, grammar, spelling, and actually pulling out how I am feeling and learning how to put it into words has always been a challenge.  How I wanted to be that person that could write something that would illuminate its reader!!! But why would I push through and put myself through that challenge???

Then along came MKE with the requirement that you must write a blog each week and the journey out of fear began.

I have pushed through the defeating thoughts that held me back and now I am a blogger.  I blog for myself and if it has a connection for others, I am grateful.

Each week, as I write my blog, I can hear my mastermind partner who nurtured me through my first two blogs in my head…. that is not necessary…cut it out….take it down a size.  Without her nurturing guidance, I would have been a statistic of one of those that had left the class.

What better way to celebrate your life changes and struggle than to journal your progress?  The blogs are a vivid written picture of thought processes that were being challenged along the last 16 weeks of the MKE class. As I scroll back through the blogs, my spirit is refreshed with the changes, observations, and direction my life is taking.

I read these words in Draw the Circle this week and I had to laugh.  “We have the natural tendency to remember what we should forget and forget what we should remember”.  How grateful I am that this journey is documented.  Once written, there is no denying the growth. Amnesia is not an issue.

Lesson Learn: There is great value in “your” written word.